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Are You Going To Let These 3 Issues Trip-Up Your BS – Belief System

No matter if you are liberal, conservative, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, etc our belief system is bound by these 3 problems at a minimum, they haunt your BS-Belief System. These problems keep us stuck and limit our potential to be, do or have what we really want in life.

The first problem that trips up our belief system is an unquestioned accepted belief, that my belief is right. The problem is that at the time the belief moved from a thought form or potential belief to where it became an actual belief, it was right in that instance and at that time.

(Side note: If our belief is right when someone disagrees with our belief we take it personally and our feelings get hurt and we lash out at others.)

However location and time are two things that cause beliefs (which are a particular form of judgment) to be less than useful and often inaccurate. You see a belief depends on the past to predict the future and as the stock market has often told us, “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” And yet, since we believe our beliefs are correct and right we unwittingly carry them through time which stretches the accuracy as the bull’s-eye is not that spread out.

The second insidious belief about our belief is that our beliefs are not to be questioned. If something is right, there is no need to examine it, right? And unfortunately for us, an unexamined belief is one of the biggest road blocks on the road to success. Have you ever been amazed that out of the millions and millions of bytes of information we receive every second we can delete, distort and generalize all that information down to a once and for all, this is it, this is how it must be forever thing… we call a belief?

And the third problem with our BS-Belief System is we use it as our reason to no longer think. As my Grampa Vetter would say, “A belief (conclusion) is where we decided to stop thinking.” And probably worst than stopping our thinking, a belief STOPS our intuition. Our intuition is where our innovation comes from. Intuition is where our inspiration comes from and our BS-Belief System because it is based on judgments, curtails our access to our intuition.

Because of these 3 hindrances to our success they create another problem and that is one of the main reasons for developing beliefs in the first place. We believe that having our particular beliefs will ‘make me happy’. So that takes us right back to the first problem, we have equated ‘being right’ with ‘being happy’. How many people (including you and me) defend and argue about and for what we know to be “right”, believing if everyone else would see it my way, we’d all be happy. That is the consequences of the 3 problems that haunt our BS-Belief System. And like my Grampa Vetter used to say, “It seems you’d rather be right than happy, right?”

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