Lana Del Rey
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Pretty When You Cry ( inb4 I'm stoned for this :err:)

Guns 'n Roses (Omg Lana's worst released song)

The Other Woman


And usually, I wouldn't delete either. I'd usually just skip. But I saw so much hope in Ultraviolence that those those 3 songs just irritated me because they just made THAT much of a difference on the album. :crossed: 


Laame, I really liked her cover of The Other Woman a lot. I thought it was really clever and totally synced with her whole aesthetic. 

Guns 'n Roses was just okay. Its neither bad nor good imo, its like beige colored walls.

Pretty When You Cry is kind of a redundant drag, I don't care for it. Although, I will say I do like her vocal style on it.

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