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#871060 ARTPOP Studio Snippet

Posted by Cersei Lannister on 21 October 2013 - 04:47 PM



#607685 Will-i-am Tweets Lady Gaga

Posted by Easto on 15 February 2013 - 02:19 PM

He better stay away from Gaga's music tho :aretha:

#442328 BTW (the album) gets too much undeserved hate

Posted by Drew on 30 October 2012 - 09:50 AM

I know a lot of people dislike the era because of the fashion choices, the videos, and the overall pretentiousness of it, but they forget about the music itself. It is by far her best album to date (not sure if that is saying much, but you get the point)

Maybe it's just here with all the negativity, but I'm getting bored of how often this record is attacked. The overall quality and creativity that went into BTW far exceeds anything she put out previously.

TF could be mistaken as a Katy Perry album. It was nothing special outside of the singles she released, and I did not like Gaga during this era because I saw nothing special in her. The music was basic.

TFM is just an evolution of TF. It's still very generic pop, but this time she had the resources of good producers. When you look at TFM, there is really nothing special about it creatively. The songs are all decent, but in the end they are just basic pop songs. The era is overrated because of what she did during this time - when she hit superstardom. The videos, performances, and fashion were all new and exciting for the time, and she excelled at all of this as opposed to BTW.

BTW is the first Gaga album where it seems like she has creative freedom. There is a reason she doesn't really like some of her music from her previous works - because she was manufactured to a certain extent and had less voice in what she could do with her music. There is a reason she hates Telephone, it goes against her as a creative force.

BTW broke Gagas past works of generic pop and at least tried to be something different, something more.
Look at songs like Edge of Glory, Electric Chapel, HML, Scheiße - they show growth as an artist and to me, shit over everything from her past two works.

The album gets hate because the singles weren't as successful as people wanted them to be. That's all what it really boils down to. People like it when their favorites succeed, especially Pop music stans as I have learned. It's sad really. I recall that Americano user on GGD even claiming he doesn't like her anymore because she is "flopping".

So anyway, let's discuss why BTW is still her best album to date.
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#725014 "It's So Close I Can Taste It"

Posted by Ryuuchan_X on 02 July 2013 - 06:36 PM


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#599571 Gaga Posts New Lyrics in Cryptic Tweet

Posted by Brit on 10 February 2013 - 12:27 AM

- ----- -- ---- -


( One letter word ) ( Five Letter word ) ( Two letter word ) ( Four letter word ) ( One Letter Word )

my guess is that it's a title or some more lyrics. 


I Crave UR Dick T


It's about Taylor y'all :hdu:

#589488 Perez Hilton's Open Letter to Rihanna

Posted by Drew on 01 February 2013 - 08:46 PM

He needs to write an open letter to himself :tina:

#338611 Perez Hilton Predicts Gaga's Album Will Flop

Posted by Nathan on 04 September 2012 - 07:26 PM

He can go fuck himself, two faced bitch.

I'm so happy Lady Gaga and him are finished, glad she's seen how vile and clingy he is.

#824895 Kathy Griffin Drags Perez, Stands Up For Gaga

Posted by Salander on 10 September 2013 - 10:01 AM


orgive me if I'm a little behind on this one but I've been touring like crazy and out of the country...why is the supposedly "I've stopped bullying" PerezHilton.com viciously attacking his old pal Lady Gaga on a daily basis? Didn't he try to do the same thing to Kesha? Did any of you see the scene in Ke$ha's MTV reality show where she breaks down in sobs after reading yet another vicious google alert at the hands of Perez Hilton? If Ke$ha doesn't stand up for being "who you are"....! This fucking pisses me off so much...why declare war on Lady Gaga???...who in addition to...possessing an actual skill set, you know...singing, dancing, writing songs...is a fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA community on a VERY HIGH level! Why is he using the oldest trick in the book and trying to pit women against each other? Lady Gaga's Applause "vs" Katy Perry's Roar. Who gives a fuck? They are BOTH catchy songs. These two women are not even in his community. As a woman and a feminist, it is always meaningful to me when a man stands up for the rights of oppressed women. In other words...I'm not stupid enough to make fun of, scratch that, I'm still gonna make fun of everyone regardless of this facebook post  For the record, Perez Hilton "declared war" on me on his website a few years ago. I believe the quote was "It's war bitch"...probably accompanied by a photo of me without makeup with some white jizz pouring out my mouth he had drawn on. Not only did it not ruin me...but if any of you want to find me...you can find me headlining at the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, and taping my 20th standup special this fall. #RecordBreakerMothaFuckas


Quote from her FB.

#539387 OperationGaga Grammys - RESULTS!

Posted by Guest on 25 December 2012 - 08:45 PM

We did it little monsters. :oprah4: :pawsup:

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#832609 Lady Gaga Live in the Studio on KIIS FM (9/17) 9PM PST

Posted by Gia on 17 September 2013 - 08:18 PM

She said PD will not be on the album but on the APP and she explained some of it



sorry crying rn and I was having a meltdown.. and sorry for my horrible voice. (bug)

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#807079 Cher Unveils Album Cover

Posted by LipglossLuxury on 29 August 2013 - 12:12 PM

Britney is that you?


I love this Femme Fatale outtake.

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#778609 LADY GAGA IS OVER: Short Film

Posted by Guest on 12 August 2013 - 06:11 PM

Somebodies been reading Jaymes' posts. :maya:

#563365 Nicki Minaj Unfollows Fan For Complimenting Lola Monroe!

Posted by Liza on 12 January 2013 - 12:12 PM

Maybe Nicki Unfollowed Them Because They Type Like This And She Finally Had Enough.

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#538231 "Born This Way" Nick Knight Outtake FULL

Posted by Dazedmadonna on 25 December 2012 - 08:06 AM


Merry Christmas OGG! :)

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#934097 P!nk Drags Miley Cyrus

Posted by Cersei Lannister on 11 December 2013 - 10:56 AM

P!nk is flawless,
P!nk is correct in what she says and
P!nk could outsing your favs while swinging upside down like David Carradine in a wardrobe.
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#900248 'VENUS' is potential third single, Troy/Gaga split confirmed

Posted by Matty on 08 November 2013 - 12:46 PM


#765770 GGD Members React To "Burqa" Leak

Posted by Guest on 05 August 2013 - 06:42 PM

Meanwhile we couldn't even finish our damn Get Well Gaga video and they already got the reaction video up. :rip:

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#359926 The Fame Launch Party at Macy's - The Shittiest of all Shitshows

Posted by johnnyversace on 14 September 2012 - 07:03 PM

A HOT DAMN MESS. :nails:

Gurl. Gaga's fans are fucking crazy and I'm about to spill some fucking tea so grab a seat and and a mop for dis mess. (and dis gon be real long so get ready)

First, I'll start by saying that overall, it was a great experience and totally worth the $125 I paid for the perfume set and the ticket in. I got a picture with the bitch, had some snacks, danced, and saw all of her friends and the rest of the Haus.

Macy's planned it out pretty well, but didn't factor in the absolute insanity of this fan base. Upon receiving the ticket earlier this week, the accompanying letter said to arrive no sooner than 2pm. I got there around 2:15 and the line to get into the party was about half full. I met a lovely German fan named Jenina who I kind of hung out with for most of the party. So we waited in line until about 3:30 and they started letting people in. They divided us into groups of 6, and we were escorted up to the 16th floor of Macy's. We all had to check our bags and personal belongings because NO PICTURES were allowed at the event. It was pretty strict.

So I enter the party and it's FAB. All black walls and carpet, dark red flowers, candles, Fame bottles everywhere, loud music, huge bar areas with sodas and ice cream, hot male models serving snacks, and a picture area. So I sit down with mah new bestie Jenina, and I look to the left to see DJWS dj-ing the party. I died. He was really nice and oddly WAY more attractive than he looks online.

So we're all just hanging out in this awesome room, eating black sesame and passionfruit ice cream and sipping chamomile and lavender soda, and DJWS get's on the mic. He says that Gaga is in the building, and that she's going to mingle around the crowd so "don't freak out." Obviously this n00b had no idea who he was talking to.

So eventually Gagz comes in looking fab and of course everyone is pushing and screaming and going crazy. Her bodyguards start pushing everyone back while they're all trying to catch a glimpse of her. Tara, Freddie, Cynthia, her new stylist, and choreographer all came with her, and they all went to the picture area and ate ice cream and took some pictures with themselves.

So THEN the bodyguards just start fucking screaming for everyone to get back and the POLICE COME. It turns out they spotted Sir Gaga, infamous Gaga stan, who had thrown a drink on her bodyguard last night at the Guggenheim. Since he ran away last night, they came into the party and ARRESTED HIM ON THE SPOT. Literally, hauled him away in handcuffs. It was cray.

So after that little incident, the pictures start, and we were all forced to take pictures in groups of 6, about twenty pictures total for Gaga. When we were divided earlier, they also gave us a letter (A, B, C, D, E, or F) that determined our position on the couch with Gagz. Because of the 6-group situation, only two people were seated next to Gaga, and the others were on either side of her further down. Luckily since I'm flawless I was seated in seat D which was right next to the ho.

So I walk up to her and I'm like "you look so beautiful!" and she thanks me. I then said "I'm such a huge fan!" like a big idiot, and she replies with "I'm such a huge fan of you!" At this point I'm not sure where the other 5 basic hoes in my group are because I stole their thunder and made Gagz focus on me obviously. So as I'm sitting down next to her, the bitch starts spraying Fame everywhere, and sprays it IN MY EYE. "So naturally I said "Gurl! You just sprayed that shit right in my eye!" She started to CACKLE, we took a fab pic, and she started laughing again right after it was done. Moral of the story - she loves me. :pawsup:

The picture process continues for a while, and it's apparent that Gaga is a bit overwhelmed by all of the fans in this small, dark, room. So after she finishes all of the pictures, she bolted out and waved goodbye.

Little Mons†ers were NOT pleased about this and started fucking whining and complaining like crazy. People were calling her "disgusting" and saying that this party was "awful." I even overheard someone saying that a girl in their picture group got up after the photo was snapped, looked at Gaga and said, "so I guess that's all we get?" I was just so fucking disgusted by people being so angry and expecting so much from her. Had everyone calmed down, she might have stayed longer and actually mingled. What I'm saying is, those who were complaining were the reason she was overwhelmed and left quickly.

Anyway I loved the event and had a funny little moment with her, so I couldn't ask for much more. Here's our pic:

Posted Image

#967007 LiLo's Laptop Stolen. Nudes & Private Gaga Stuff May Leak.

Posted by LipglossLuxury on 08 January 2014 - 12:19 PM

I can imagine an email from Gaga to her:


"Did you bring the weed?" - Gaga


"Yeah, I got it in mah purse lol see you tonight xox" - Lindsay


"Man I can't wait to get fucked up, lol. My fans are such annoying little shits. Bunch of faggots." - Gaga


"lol just tell them to go die ongrindr or whatever it is gay people do these days." - Lindsay


"Omg, is that bitch Lizzy grant or whatever its called staying in the same hotel as us?" - Gaga



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#886435 Thanks Drew and Gia

Posted by Nathan on 31 October 2013 - 04:43 PM

This is Officially the FIRST (official Gaga) album drop on OperationGaga history!


Thank's for creating this site, I'm glad that thit site isn't filled with trolls and parasites.


:oprah11: We got some **** coming, but let's get through this. We can do it if we stick together.


:oprah5: Love you guys. (well most of you), now.. form a prayer circle and we can try to encourage another entity to leak ARTPOP.


Repeat after me: جميع حائل الشيطان، المدمرة من العالم. نحن نناشد لك لتسرب ARTPOP. سوف أعطيك أول العذرية بورن.



With out Drew or Gia we would be forced to used the site where you can't have opinions. We won't live in fear for not liking the songs.


Jaymes won't be banned for hating Dope. That's something.





ps nelson is cute 

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